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This section is a brief description covering each of the bookmakers with links on this site. does not have any control or influence over any of these bookmakers, but has found them all to be good and reliable. It isn't our intention to recommend betting with bookmakers who have artificially high odds, who may then disappear with your money. Gambling is difficult enough without further uncertainties about how secure your cash is. These are the bookmakers that we use ourselves to bet on sport, and when we provide tips and picks, we will mention the best odds from these bookmakers. 


Obviously, any business can go bankrupt, so we are not responsible for any problems encountered or money lost with the bookmakers we list. However, in our experience, these bookmakers do provide a good service for sports betting purposes. We will try also to mention any free bets or special offers made by the bookmakers in question. These change regularly though, so please check the bookmakers' websites. 


It is important to say also, that just because a bookmaker is not listed here, does not mean it is bad. We may simply have not chosen to list it for various reasons. Please contact bookmakers directly if you have any questions or require any advice regarding their services. This section is only meant as a rough guide.


William Hill

William Hill has been established for about seventy years and has a very good reputation within the gambling industry. It has many shops based in the UK, as well as an easy to navigate website, which is available in many languages. William Hill offers a wide range of sports bets and odds to customers, including events such as tennis, soccer, MLB baseball, NBA basketball, NFL football, NHL ice hockey, golf, horse racing and several others. This bookmaker usually pays your winnings fairly quickly and has many different ways in which to make deposits. William Hill offer very high limits on single bets but not usually so high on accumulators and multiple bets. Their odds are not always the best, but if you are looking for reliability and to be certain that your cash is safe, this is the place to come. William Hill also offers an online casino. It's not quite Las Vegas but at least you have a chance to win money without even having to leave your home! William Hill seem to provide regular customers with diaries around Christmas time every year. They also have a tips service via e-mail that you can sign up to.



Ladbrokes is also a long-established British bookmaker, with many shops around the UK. It offers bets on a wide range of sporting events to gamble on, such as horse racing, greyhound racing, golf, darts, snooker, rugby league, rugby union, special events and many more. Ladbrokes' odds are usually competitive. They occasionally send their members special offers on bets via e-mail and regular mail. It has been known to receive diaries and football magazines from Ladbrokes too! Many people have a lot of respect for Ladbrokes' odds compilers so when Ladbrokes have the highest odds on an event, be wary! Ladbrokes also offer fairly generous limits on most of the bets they have on offer. From the website, there is some helpful information to assist with betting and gambling, plus information about online casinos.



Eurobet are the online presence of Coral, who own several hundred betting shops throughout the UK. Eurobet will offer odds on most major sports events and leagues, but not always on more obscure events. The home page has a list of events along the top, including, cricket, football (soccer), formula one and tennis. Eurobet's odds are reasonable, but they do insist on minimum trebles for certain minor leagues and events, which can prove to be an annoyance. Their limits are not displayed online and this can lead to uncertainty. It is rare for bets of a reasonable stake to be refused though. Deposits can be made in several different ways and payouts are fairly rapid. This bookmaker occasionally has promotional  bet offers, and often offer free bets to customers opening an account. Also available are a casino, games and Coral Radio.



Bet365 is fairly long-established and is based in the UK. Bet365 offer a huge range of sports bets and specials, many of which other bookmakers do not offer. They offer odds on the usual list of sports, including many different and varied markets on most soccer games. The odds offered here are slightly above average usually. The limits are reasonable, especially for single bets. Bet365 offer all new customers a free treble bet on events of their choice, and often have other promotional offers, sent to members via e-mail. Also from their website are a casino, lotto, poker, bingo and games. A wide variety of options are available for financing your account with Bet365. Payouts are fairly quick. 


Blue Square

Blue Square are an internet-based bookmaker and are fairly well-established. They offer a fairly wide range of bets on sports such as football (soccer), golf, horse racing, tennis, cricket, darts, snooker, boxing and motor sport, as well as a few novelty events. The bet limits are fairly reasonable and so are the odds that Blue Square offer. They also offer things such as lotteries and financials on their website, as well as form guides and a radio centre. There are several ways to deposit and withdraw, as well as several currencies. Blue Square are usually fairly quick to payout winnings. 



Centrebet are an internet-based bookmaker, based in Australia. They have a very wide range of sports events to bet on, such as AFL, backgammon, golf and trotting. Centrebet offer odds on many football (soccer) leagues from around the world, including some more obscure ones. They pay out extremely quickly, in some cases paying out winnings before the stake has been debited! Centrebet's customer service is very good, and easy to deal with. The website can be accessed using several different languages. Centrebet have extremely competitive odds on most events. The bet limits are not advertised on the site, but they appear to be extremely high as bets are very rarely refused.



Canbet are an Australian bookmaker, that recently became UK regulated. They appear to be very well established, as they are quoted on the Australian stock exchange. Deposits, which can be made in several different currencies, are held in separate accounts, so are secure. Canbet offer odds on most sports, such as NFL, baseball, college football, NBA, NHL, WNBA, formula one, Nascar, cricket, golf, boxing, rugby, tennis, AFL, rugby league and other, but don't always have a great number of markets on each event. The odds are high usually, with lower profit margins than most bookmakers. Canbet operates very high limits, which should be enough to satisfy most people. The website is pretty easy to navigate and use. Customer service is good, with many special offers for new customers.


Paddy Power

Paddy Power are an Irish-based bookmaker, with many betting shops in Ireland. They have a good range of sports events to bet on, including cricket, golf, tennis, baseball and football (soccer). Paddy Power regularly offer refunds on losing single bets on live televised football matches if a specified event occurs, such as a 0-0 draw or a sending off. They also have specials which are not usually offered at other bookmakers. Paddy Power's bet limits are displayed on the site and are reasonable for most events. Their odds are fairly reasonable. Lotteries and novelties are also offered on the Paddy Power website. Depositing and withdrawing cash is fairly straight-forward, with fairly quick payouts.



Premierbet have only been established for a couple of years and are an online-based bookmaker. They appear to offer odds exclusively on football (soccer). Premierbet's bet limits are not published on the site but are fairly high. A winning run, can however lead to your bet limits being reduced. The odds are fairly competitive, with good offers on Asian Handicaps. Premierbet's website is quick-loading usually and easy to navigate. Payouts can take about five or six days at times, which is a little longer than other bookmakers, but are always reliable. Premierbet have a few ways to deposit and withdraw, and do offer bonuses on some deposits. A results section is also available on the website. 



Skybet used to be known as Surrey Sports. They now have a lot of links with Sky Television, including betting on live football in a variety of ways. Skybet is an online-based bookmaker, and offers odds on a wide variety of sporting events other than football (soccer), including, horse racing, golf and cricket. They offer reasonable odds on most events. The bet limits are not displayed on Skybet's site and can be slightly low at times. A wide variety of currencies can be used to bet with them. There are a few ways to deposit and withdraw, with winnings paid fairly swiftly. Skybet have a casino, bingo and poker available also.



Sportingbet are an online-based bookmaker, and are well established. They are quoted on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, and have a link to their share price! Many different languages are available on Sportingbet's website. They have a good range of events to bet on, such as soccer, Asian Handicap, horse racing, US football, basketball, baseball, NHL hockey, cricket, golf, tennis, rugby union, rugby league, motor sports and boxing. Sportingbet also usually have very reasonable odds on offer. They have several special offers and bonuses for deposits and referrals, with which it is possible to earn a lot of free cash to gamble with. Sportingbet's bet limits tend to be very high on singles but can be a bit low on multiples and accumulators. A casino, Highroller, Super HiLo, 6 ball, virtual racing and a lottery are available too. Customer service from Sportingbet tends to be good also, with quick payouts.


Stan James

Stan James have recently upgraded their website. Previously it only displayed odds, and required clients to make phone calls to place bets, but now bets can be placed online, like all other bookmakers listed here. Stan James' odds are reasonable and offer a wide variety of sports events to bet on, such as hurling, Gaelic football, ice hockey and football (soccer). Withdrawals are fairly rapid usually. Stan James offers very generous limits for most bets. There is also a casino available from the website. Stan James allows deposits and withdraws via several different methods, with quick payouts. They also seem to like to send customers diaries at Christmas time.



Totalbet are an online-based bookmaker, with a reasonable range of sports events to bet on, including horse racing, football (soccer), cricket, golf, tennis, greyhounds, boxing, rugby, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. Their bet limits are generally good. Totalbet's odds are published online and are fairly generous. Free bets are sometimes offered to new customers. A casino, poker and Tote Pools are all available from Totalbet's website. Deposits and withdraws are quick and easy to make



Totesport are the online presence for Tote bookmakers, who have many betting shops around the UK. They offer a fairly wide selection of sporting events to bet on, including racing, football (soccer), cricket and golf. Totesport's odds are generally good and the bet limits are reasonably high. However, the site is a little hard to navigate at times and is also a little slow to load. Totesport accept deposits in a number of ways, and payout reasonably quickly.


UK Betting

UK Betting are an online bookmaker who quite recently took control of's betting clientele. They offer a fair number of sports events to bet on, such as racing, football (soccer) golf and AFL. UK Betting offer odds which are usually above average. The bet limits are pretty good and are usually displayed on the website. Also on the UK Betting website is access to a casino, poker and UK Betting Live. Many methods of financing your account are accepted, with swift payment of winnings. 


Victor Chandler

Victor Chandler are a long-established British bookmaker. They offer a wide range of sports events for their customers to bet on, including most ones usually offered by bookmakers. The odds are, on the whole, average. Victor Chandler's limits are not published on the site, but they appear to be extremely high as bets are rarely refused. They have a very generous cash-back offer for new customers and occasionally offer free bets for all clients. Victor Chandler have many payment methods available for customers to use, with quick payout of winnings. Also available from the website are a casino, games, poker, racing results, football results and live scores. 



SportingOdds are an online-based bookmaker, apparently controlled by Sportingbet which offer a fair range of events, including football (soccer) cricket, and golf.  The odds are pretty good, as are the bet limits. It is possible to deposit with SportingOdds using several different methods and to make quick withdrawals. The website is quite simple and easy to navigate. 



Betinternet are an online-based bookmaker. They have a fair few bets on offer, including sports such as golf, tennis, rugby and cricket, but especially on football (soccer). Betinternet's odds are fairly good at times and the limits are quite generous. Withdrawing and depositing can be carried out quickly and easily in a number of ways. Betinternet also have bonus ball and Tote Betting on their website.